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Inside Track

When you sign up for The Inside Track , every week you'll receive a hand-curated list of eBay auctions not found anywhere else. No more worrying about the hoi polloi sniping away your precious garments. We'll also throw in whatever sales you might be interested in online and around town, and the occasional wise observation. (We're extremely wise.)

For just five dollars a month, you'll get the inside track on dozens of fantastic auctions and sales. It's like we've taken the world's largest clothing bazaar and transformed it into a Greenwich Village boutique.

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Gentlemen's Association

Each of our Gentlemen's Association fabrics is hand-selected by Put This On's Jesse Thorn - including vintage pieces, prints from the finest mills in the world and everything in between. Squares are cut and their edges rolled by hand in our Los Angeles atelier.

A member for one year can expect to develop a full wardrobe of squares - or to compliment the wardrobe he already has. Because we sell our squares directly to you, we sell them for roughly half what they'd cost in a retail environment.

Pocket squares are shipped every other month, always on the even month. So if you sign up by January 15th, for example, your first shipment will arrive with the February mailing. Sign up by March 15th and you'll get a shipment with the April mailing, and so on. We offer free shipping on U.S. orders. As an added benefit, if you join for a full year, you'll receive not just a handsome discount, but also a bonus white linen square, with our compliments.

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